I love creating colorful characters for my fiction. After handling criminal cases for the last twenty years, I have gleaned some of the reasons why individuals betray those closest to them, and what motivates some criminals to do what they do. I have now retired from that job and can now fulfill a life-long dream: all-day writer!

I’m a native Kansan who migrated to Texas in 1998. I believe being born and raised in Kansas gave me a nourishing start in this world. Being the baby of the family (I have a twin brother who’s a mere fifteen minutes older than me, as well as three older siblings) and the smallest, I often found myself alone with my imagination and my books. My love of reading led to one of the proudest moments of my life when, at age 7, I won a first-place ribbon from my local library for reading the most books during the summer. If the love of telling stories has a genetic connection, then  my desire to make up stories comes straight from my father. His vivid oratories about ghosts, monsters, and unusual people kept me and my siblings entertained during both stormy and full-moon-lit nights.

I always wanted to learn the craft of writing and not simply know how to make things up. When my daughter went off to college, I decided to do the same. Going to college as a full-grown adult was a challenge, but incredibly worthwhile. When I finally received my Bachelor of Arts degree in English, with a creative writing emphasis, little did I know my learning journey would lead me to law school. I had friends and a few professors warn me that spending three years in law school would wreck my creativity. But, I knew better!  Getting a law degree and moving to Texas enhanced my determination to continue telling stories, although now they contain blood, crimes, and criminals.

I live in a Dallas suburb with my furry children: a rescued Siamese cat and a cantankerous and moody Chihuahua. I’m a member of Mystery Writers of America, Southwest Chapter, Sisters in Crime (national group), and Sisters in Crime North Dallas.  Although I write mainly crime fiction, science fiction is my favorite genre to read. And soon, I hope to create my first science fiction series. I also love reading mysteries and tales about the Old West.  One of my absolute favorite events I participate in is the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) every November.  An added bonus for me is that I use NaNoWriMo to plot out and write a first draft of all my newest projects.

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