Book 1-AMAF

This debut novel tells the story of Marcus Franklin Agaston, a former child prostitute and current reporter for WJNX-FM in Dallas, Texas. During the summer of 2005, Marcus is stunned when his friend Catherine, a pregnant surrogate for a childless gay couple, goes missing. The police find Catherine’s car abandoned in a store parking lot with melted ice cream on the roof and her purse inside her locked car. Marcus joins Stephen and Thomas, the recipient-parents of Catherine’s unborn daughter, and numerous volunteers in searching for her. When Catherine’s body appears on the shoreline of Lake Ray Hubbard seven days later, Marcus begins his search for her killer.

Nicholas Bertrand Colemann, Marcus’s childhood friend and fellow former prostitute and current owner of Nicky’s Bar & Grill, has always been envious of Marcus’s good fortune. Nicholas needs money, and he’s not above using coercion or blackmail to get Marcus to give him some. Nicholas’s demands for money, however, threaten Marcus’s loyalty and propel Marcus’s husband Sam, a successful lawyer, into action. Unbeknownst to Nicholas, dire consequences await him just when it appears his scheme has worked beautifully.

As Marcus uncovers clues to Catherine’s killer’s identity, he simultaneously copes with betrayal from an unlikely source. A tragic event temporarily immobilizes him, but Marcus soldiers on. When he finally comes face-to-face with the real culprit, their meeting is shocking, but not as disturbing as Marcus’s final discovery.