Best Conference-DFWCon

Best Conference-DFWCon

I just attended the best writing conference in my area: the Dallas-Fort Worth Writers Conference in Hurst, Texas. This annual conference offers two full days of classroom presentations, networking, and pitching your completed novel or work-in-progress to an actual agent or publisher. The conference helps authors and agents and publishers find each other. My experience this year was amazing, fun, and exhausting. I didn’t pitch any of my work this year, but I talked to several attendees who did. Of course they were nervous before having their one-on-one meeting with an actual agent or publisher, but most were so happy they got the opportunity. That’s what DFWCon does each year: give opportunities to talk with agents, publishers, and fellow writers.

I especially found several engaging topics whose presenters freely gave up their insider information, including A. Lee Martinez with his Guide to Avoiding Plot Zombies; Jeff Lyons with his Anatomy of a Premise Line: How to Master Premise and Story Development; and Aecio Borba with his Worldbuilding Based in Science: How Societies Work. However, the funnest and most eye-opening (for me) presentation that I attended was Shayla Raquel’s Win at Instagram. I had no clue what Instagram was and how an author could use it to build their audience of readers. It was fun when fellow attendees at Shayla’s class helped me create my own Instagram account and “followed” my “follow.”

As I mentioned to several conference leaders, the best presentation for me was a panel called Taboo Topics. Because every attendee was required to sign NDAs (Non-disclosure Agreements), I cannot discuss the actual topics or information imparted, but it was truly a unique and amazing experience. Likewise as I said to some conference leaders, all of the volunteers were engaging, professional, and helpful. Those qualities are very much appreciated by those of us attending such a large conference.

I had a really good experience attending the 2019 DFW Con, and I would encourage every writer or aspiring writer to attend this conference in 2020!

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