Happy New Decade!

Happy New Decade!

Here’s a copy of the first newsletter for 2020 (the links to free mystery book giveaways have been removed because those promotions have ended)

Hi everybody! It’s so exciting to be alive at the start of this new decade! Just ten short years ago many of us were making all kinds of wild predictions about what we would be doing when the year 2020 rolled around. Now that it’s here, I hope all y’all have some fun and stimulating activities scheduled for this upcoming new year. I know I do.

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on Book 2 in my female detective series featuring Mickey Stanislawsky. I completed the first draft the second week in December, then I took a “vacation.” I hung out with family & friends and binged on good TV series and movies. That mental break from writing/marketing/publishing my books has recharged my creative batteries; now I’m ready to finish the second draft. I’m hoping to send it off to my editor by early next month.

In honor of the new year, I’d like to share a black-eyed pea recipe I made that is awesomely good! Some people consider eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day for good luck throughout the year as strictly a southern tradition. But, I grew up in Kansas and my mother and father were adamant about drawing good luck to our household at the beginning of each year by eating black-eyed peas (for pennies), collard greens (for bills), and corn bread (for gold). While we were never financially rich, we always had everything we needed. I’m expecting a good cash flow this year because I consumed this salad along with some bacon-seasoned collard greens!

Black-eyed Pea Salad

https://www.recipenova.com/2018/12 /black-eyed-pea-salad.html

I want to thank you all for your support and encouragement for my books. I love being a full-time writer. I get to spend my time creating the crazy, kooky, twisted characters that inhabit all of my books. I would like to ask you to consider leaving a review wherever you got a copy of my books. Reviews really are a major way to get the attention of advertisers and those who might be on the lookout for a new film project!

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