Books 3 – 5

The Mickey Stanislawsky Mystery Series

Book One: Dirty Daniel

Meshelle “Mickey” Stanislawsky has been a detective for one hour before she gets her first murder case. The victim? A janitor at the New Birth Free Pentecostal Church. No blood. No visible wounds. Just one very dead body discovered by a deacon’s wife in the church pantry.

As Mickey begins her investigation, it’s apparent some people know more than they’re revealing—the reverend, the grieving widow, church members, and even Mickey’s detective partner. She soon discovers the man in charge of keeping God’s house clean has some dirty secrets of his own—secrets someone will go to any length to protect. When the case appears to have a link to her later father, Mickey soon realizes her first homicide case may be personal . . . and deadly.

Book Two: Nasty Nevin

Murders in Peaceton, Texas have a habit of happening around important events in Detective Mickey Stanislawsky’s life. This time, it’s as she’s heading out to celebrate her birthday with her  friends and coworkers.

At the same time, a new parolee risks her freedom to nurture a vendetta against anyone named Stanislawsky. Allies unknown to Mickey try to stop the trouble heading her way, but the parolee is determined.

While Mickey works her case, two more women are found dead, and they appear to have a connection to the first victim. She’s all but solving this alone, as her partner, Detective Daniel Ladenster, is increasingly scarce. He’s got secrets of his own, secrets that force Mickey to defend them both from certain death.

Book Three: Filthy Franklyn

Available Summer, 2022 – Mickey’s story continues as she maneuvers through her detective partner’s messy dealings, murders involving unlikely victims, and accepting potential repeats from disturbing 1983 cold cases.